What do you use to dye your hair?

I use semi-permanent hair colors by ADORE.

Do you have to bleach your hair in order to dye your hair those bold colors?

Yes! The hair has to be lightened in order for the color to deposit onto the strands.

How do you keep your curls?

I deep condition weekly and I use a protein treatment every 2 months. I also steam weekly.

Who cuts your hair?
What salon do you go to?
Have you ever had a curly cut?

I do not go to any salons. I have never had a curly cut – I actually cut my hair myself.

How often do you deep condition?

I deep condition weekly, using my Thermal Haircare cap, or my hooded steamer.

How often do you use protein treatments? Which one do you recommend?

I usually use Aphogee’s 2 – step protein treatment every 2 months.